Neural Network Balenciaga
Using a corpus of Balenciaga runway shows, catalogues, and campaigns, a Pix2PixHD network was trained to reconstruct Balenciaga outfits from Densepose silhouettes.

The results are outfits which are novel but at the same time heavily inspired by Balenciaga's past few years under Demna Gvasalia. The network lacks any contextual awareness of the non-visual functions of clothing (e.g. why people carry bags, whether or not bags are separate from pants, why people prefer symmetrical outfits) - and in turn produces more strange outfits that completely disregard these functions.

SSENSE interview: "Do Androids Dream of Balenciaga ss29?"
Note that this is an ongoing project.
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Examples of these strange outfits (featured on this page) include:

A pair of pants with a wrap-around bag attached to the shin.

A woman holding a tassle of cloth instead of a bag.

A 3 part asymmetric coat.

Various outfits with what appears to be transparent or semi-transparent fabric.

A jumpsuit paired with what appears to be a leather jacket.

A multi-component Asymmetrical coat.